Chess is a composition that was inspired by and set to the text of Australian poet Micheal Dransfield. It is written for a three piece ensemble consisting of drums electric guitar and bass who take turns reciting the text. The score is mostly aleatoric and contains improvisational and noise elements.

Chess Score

Chess – Michael Dransfield

Observations at the end of august, and for a ballet; first,
that the night submerges everything. It begins with the smell of wine,
or that something will happen. blue cruise of police.
the prostitutes move out of sight until the law is diluted in traffic.
Tourists mill about. Showcases offer tassled breasts
A spotlight of skin, silk, cover charges. Violence. Drums for her movements.
Outside the wind hers darkness down each lane,
And the clouds push houses over. Somehow the moon is lost
In a skyful of
Some of the lights stop flashing. The tourists go away, leaving littered departures. Coffeebars catch the homeless in transition.
It seems they have come from nowhere, these men with
nothing to learn. They speak or do not speak
they drink from the cups before them.
There is an attic room nearby. The poet has brought home
a friend who sits
awkwardly in his jeans, unsure of movement.
They touch like rivers. The wind will not disturb them,
Or know their loving, like a menial it carries scraps in shadow
distortions. Over a skein of alleys the sun is five a.m.
it is very precice, it is a flare on a plain of
The cups are empty in the bars &
The police run out of victims
In the attic the walls slope together and meet; in their angle
A thin warm ray funnels toward the sleepers. Their heads are
And bodies tight against cold. If
                                        Morning is honest
It must be naked like them
In a bare room
Where everything is something else
And all the world each other

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