Why do humans get sick? Germs, viruses, cold weather, carcinogens?  Yes, all of these things play a role but there is another, simpler reason that we often overlook: Humans get sick when we are exposed to a stressor that they are not adapted to. 

The development of all of us is dependent on two factors. One is the genetic code that has been passed down to us from our parents, while these genes can predispose us to certain traits it is ultimately the environment that we are in which determines how that genetic code is activated. As we are exposed to the elements, the all important stress recovery adaptation cycle allows us to plan for challenges that are not met with our genetic code alone. Top level strength athletes know how to use this cycle to gain strength; apply a stress in the form of heavy weight, eat and sleep for recovery, adapt by getting stronger, repeat. The reason that top powerlifters can place a weight on their back that would crush the average person’s spine is simply because they have become adapted to do so.

This cycle is such an ingeniously simple and powerful tool yet often overlooked by the general public in the treatment of disease and illness. Medical researchers know this to be true, and it is why vaccines contain a small amount of the virus; to force an adaptive immune system response. So why come winter time are we reaching for the heater or in summer for the air conditioner?  Many people seek comfort when it is discomfort that drives healthy adaptation. So, I offer the following

So, I offer the following. Be uncomfortable, expose yourself to the elements, work hard, apply stress, recover and adapt. And remember that the more you are adapted to the less can harm you.